Résumé for Eric R. Forkrud

1012 Dixie Dr.
Hemet, CA. 92543
(818) 642-4351

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Work History
ECi M1
2009-04 to 2017-06
Last Supervisor: Randy Singleton
Phone Number: (800) 959-3373
Last Title: Developer
  • Analyse and design reports from given data into a report driven by the data in a Crystal Reports environment. 
  • Create and design customer driven training materials for ERP Software.
  • Create technical documentation for ERP Software.
  • Train customers from training materials in a classroom setting.
  • Work with customers to train them to implement and use the ERP Software.
  • Write custom code to allow the user to follow their standard operating procedures or enhance current processes.

I started working as a Help Desk Support Officer, answering phone calls and giving answers to customer issues, by determining if the issue was a user related issue or if it was a software glitch. To determine this, I would request the user walk through their process and if there process was incorrect, correct it and then determine what was needed to correct the error so that it would flow through the rest of the system.

After about 6 months as a Help Desk Support Officer, my supervisor promoted me and started sending me to do on sites where I would train the new customers on how what the different area's of M1 worked, how to implement their data into M1, how to use the system to best suite their needs and to also ensure that the user was able to run their company from M1 without having to impact their company processes much. At the same time, I was also promoted to part time Customizations where I would write code for our customers to allow them to use M1 more effectively for their business, this included an integration with the product Avalara AvaTax software that would take the information from their Sales Order/AR Invoice/Payment processing and determine the appropriate tax amount that the customer should pay, and would apply it to the Sales Order/AR Invoice/Payment seamlessly. This solution was so beneficial that it was implemented into the Core Functionality of M1.

After another year, I was promoted to full time Customizations where I continued to do on sites for our users, supply not only training but also adhoc customizations, development of key processes and procedures for our customers to be able to use our software to it's fullest extent during meetings and ensuring that the projects were completed successfully and on time.

I was also instrumental in multiple manuals, live online training sessions and user conferences where I would develop class material, ensuring that the material was audience skill and language appropriate, and deliver the training in a class room environment. The user sizes ranged from 3 to 45 users per class environment over the course of 8 years.